Hello World!  My name is Dai Bryant and I am a 15 year old from Los Angeles, CA that loves to draw, play the piano, horseback riding, dog sitting and baking.  I would like to take some professional art classes this summer to help me improve.  My mom thought it would be a good idea to sale my art to help pay for some of the expenses since she is “not made of money”. :(

The drawings are all free hand, pencil and chalk based and sealed to keep the drawing from smudging.  They are all pretty big and looks great on the wall.  They are all originals so no two are alike.  I like drawing African people, but recently started drawing more mainstream pieces.  I just got a book on abstract art, so I think I will try that next.  So if you do not see anything you like, please check back.  But hopefully you will see something you like. :)

I can also frame your drawing and ship it to you if you would like!  Thanks for checking out my art work. 


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